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  Judul Buku : BUSINESS A Changing World TENTH EDITION

Judul Buku:BUSINESS A Changing World TENTH EDITION
Pengarang:O.C. Ferrell; Geofferey Hirt; Linda Ferrell
Penerbit:McGRAW-HILL International Edition
Cetakan:Tenth Edition
Tahun Terbit:2016
Jumlah Halaman:600
Kertas Isi:HVS
Ukuran:20 x 25
Harga: Rp456,000


Pengarang : O.C. Ferrell; Geofferey Hirt; Linda Ferrell
Penerbit : McGRAW-HILL International Edition


Part 1
Business in a Changing World 1
The Dynamics of Business and Economics 2
Enter the World of Business
Competition Is Good for Business 3
Introduction 4
The Nature of Business 4
The Goal of Business 4
The People and Activities of Business 5
Why Study Business? 7
The Economic Foundations of Business 8
Economic Systems 9
The Free-Enterprise System 12
The Forces of Supply and Demand 13
The Nature of Competition 14
Responding to Business Challenges
Swatch Works to Restructure Company, Supply Less Parts to Competition 15
Economic Cycles and Productivity 16
The American Economy 19
Going Green
Luxury Automakers Embracing Eco-Friendly Interiors 20
A Brief History of the American Economy 20
The Role of the Entrepreneur 22
Entrepreneurship in Action
Emeco Makes Indestructible Chairs 23
The Role of Government in the American Economy 23
The Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility in
Business 24
Can You Learn Business in a Classroom? 25
So You Want a Job in the Business World 26
Review Your Understanding 26
Revisit the World of Business 27
Learn the Terms 27 Check Your Progress 27
Get Involved 28
Build Your Skills: The Forces of Supply and Demand 28 Solve the Dilemma: Mrs. Acres Homemade Pies 29 Build Your Business Plan: The Dynamics of Business and Economics 29
See for Yourself Videocase: Redbox Succeeds by Identifying Market Need 30
Team Exercise 30
Guidelines for the Development of the Business Plan 31

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 34
Enter the World of Business Antibacterial Soap Faces Regulatory and Consumer Pressure 35
Introduction 36
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 36
Entrepreneurship in Action Listening for a Good Business Opportunity 37
The Role of Ethics in Business 38 Recognizing Ethical Issues in Business 39
Fairness and Honesty 44
Making Decisions about Ethical Issues 48
Improving Ethical Behavior in Business 48
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility Ralph Lauren Sets Example in FCPA Case 49
The Nature of Social Responsibility 51
Social Responsibility Issues 54
Going Green Sustainability Trade-offs: Lighter Vehicles and Higher Prices 58
Unemployment 60
So You Want a Job in Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 62
Review Your Understanding 62
Revisit the World of Business 63
Learn the Terms 63
Check Your Progress 63
Get Involved 63
Build Your Skills: Making Decisions about Ethical Issues 64
Solve the Dilemma: Customer Privacy 65
Build Your Business Plan: Business Ethics and
Social Responsibility 65
See for Yourself Videocase: The Challenge of Building Trust in Business 65
Team Exercise 66
Appendix B
The Legal and Regulatory Environment 67
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility
Marvel Comics Wins Work Made-for-Hire Copyright Case 77

Business in a Borderless World 82
Enter the World of Business
Chinese Smartphone Company Faces Challenges in Expansion 83
Introduction 84
The Role of International Business 84
Why Nations Trade 85
Trade between Countries 86
Balance of Trade 86 International Trade Barriers 88
Economic Barriers 88
Going Green
China's Sustainability Initiatives 89
Ethical, Legal, and Political Barriers 89
Social and Cultural Barriers 93
Technological Barriers 95
Trade Agreements, Alliances, and Organizations 95
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 95
Entrepreneurship in Action
Via Aviation: The Solution to an Industry Problem 96
The North American Free Trade Agreement 96 The European Union 97
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 99
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility
Bangladesh Factory Disasters Prompt Better Safety Standards 100
Association of Southeast Asian Nations 100 World Bank 101
International Monetary Fund 101
Getting Involved in International Business 102
Exporting and Importing 102 Trading Companies 103
Licensing and Franchising 103
Contract Manufacturing 104 Outsourcing 104
Offshoring 104
Joint Ventures and Alliances 105
Direct Investment 105
International Business Strategies 106
Developing Strategies 107
Managing the Challenges of Global Business 107
So You Want a Job in Global Business 108
Review Your Understanding 108
Revisit the World of Business 109
Learn the Terms 109
Check Your Progress 109
Get Involved 110
Build Your Skills: Global Awareness 110
Solve the Dilemma: Global Expansion or Business
as Usual? 111
Build Your Business Plan: Business in a Borderless World 111
See for Yourself Videocase: Walt Disney around the Globe 112
Team Exercise 112

Part 2
Starting and Growing a Business 113
Options for Organizing Business 114
Enter the World of Business
Shareholder Activism 115
Introduction 116
Sole Proprietorships 116
Advantages of Sole Proprietorships 117
Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorships 118
Entrepreneurship in Action
Smash i ng Its Way to Success: Smashburger 120
Partnerships 120
Types of Partnership 121
Articles of Partnership 121
Going Green
Sustainably Organized: Crimson Renewable Energy 122
Advantages of Partnerships 122
Disadvantages of Partnerships 124
Taxation of Partnerships 125
Corporations 126
Creating a Corporation 126
Types of Corporations 127 Elements of a Corporation 129
Advantages of Corporations 131
Disadvantages of Corporations 132
Other Types of Ownership 133
Joint Ventures 133
S Corporations 133
Limited Liability Companies 134
Cooperatives 134
Responding to Business Challenges The Evolution of Sears Holdings Company 135
Trends in Business Ownership: Mergers and Acquisitions 135
So You'd Like to Start a Business 138
Review Your Understanding 139
Revisit the World of Business 140
Learn the Terms 140
Check Your Progress 140
Get Involved 140
Build Your Skills: Selecting a Form of Business 141
Solve the Dilemma: To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate 141
Build Your Business Plan: Options for Organizing Business 142
See for Yourself Videocase: PODS Excels at Organizing a Business 142
Team Exercise 143

Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Franchising 144
Enter the World of Business
Chobani Yogurt Fights for Dominance in the Yogurt Market 145
Introduction 146
The Nature of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 146
What Is a Small Business? 147
The Role of Small Business in the American Economy 148
Industries That Attract Small Business 150
Entrepreneurship in Action
From Farmer's Market to Franchiser: Auntie Anne's Soft Pretzels 151
Advantages of Small-Business Ownership 152
Independence 152 Costs 153
Flexibility 153
Focus 153
Reputation 153
Disadvantages of Small-Business Ownership 153
High Stress Level 154
High Failure Rate 154
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility The Differences between Successful Entrepreneurs and Fraudsters 156
Starting a Small Business 156
The Business Plan 156
Forms of Business Ownership 157 Financial Resources 157
Going Green
ReFleece: A Simple but Sustainable Product 159
Approaches to Starting a Small Business 159
Help for Small-Business Managers 161
The Future for Small Business 162
Demographic Trends 162
Technological and Economic Trends 163
Making Big Businesses Act "Small" 164
So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur
or Small-Business Owner 165
Review Your Understanding 165
Revisit the World of Business 166
Learn the Terms 166
Check Your Progress 167
Get Involved 167
Build Your Skills: Creativity 167
Solve the Dilemma: The Small-Business
Challenge 168
Build Your Business Plan: Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Franchising 169
See for Yourself Videocase: Sonic—A Successful Franchise with an Old-Fashioned Drive-In Experience 169
Team Exercise 170

Part 3
Managing for Quality and Competitiveness 171
The Nature of Management 172
Enter the World of Business
The Importance of Middle Managers 173
Introduction 174
The Importance of Management 174
Management Functions 175 Planning 175
Organizing 179
Staffing 179
Directing 180
Going Green
Ken Grossman's Management of Sierra Nevada's Growth 181
Controlling 181
Types of Management 182
Levels of Management 182 Areas of Management 185
Entrepreneurship in Action
Philip Pillsbury: The Entrepreneur behind the Billion-Dollar Brand 186
Skills Needed by Managers 187
Technical Expertise 187 Conceptual Skills 188
Analytical Skills 188
Human Relations Skills 188 Leadership 188
Employee Empowerment 191 Decision Making 191
Responding to Business Challenges
Managers Discover Benefits of Feminine Traits for Leadership 192
Recognizing and Defining the Decision Situation 192
Developing Options 193
Analyzing Options 193
Selecting the Best Option 194
Implementing the Decision 194
Monitoring the Consequences 194
Management in Practice 194
So You Want to Be a Manager 196
Review Your Understanding 196
Revisit the World of Business 197
Learn the Terms 197 Check Your Progress 197
Get Involved 197
Build Your Skills: Functions of Management 198
Solve the Dilemma: Making Infinity Computers Competitive 199
Build Your Business Plan: The Nature of Management 199
See for Yourself Videocase: Planning Drives the Success of Ford Fusion 200
Team Exercise 201

Organization, Teamwork, and Communication 202
Enter the World of Business CarMax Uses Decentralized Structure to Support Teamwork 203
Introduction 204
Organizational Culture 204
Responding to Business Challenges Companies Embracing Greater Employee Interaction 205
Developing Organizational Structure 206
Assigning Tasks 207
Specialization 207
Departmentalization 208
Assigning Responsibility 211
Delegation of Authority 212
Degree of Centralization 212
Entrepreneurship in Action
Forming a Successful New Business: Group Collaboration 213
Span of Management 214
Organizational Layers 214
Forms of Organizational Structure 215
Line Structure 215
Line-and-Staff Structure 216 Multidivisional Structure 216
Matrix Structure 217
The Role of Groups and Teams in Organizations 218
Committees 219
Task Forces 219
Teams 220
Going Green
Numi Organic Tea Utilizes Teamwork to Increase Sustainability Initiatives 221
Communicating in Organizations 221
Formal Communication 222
Informal Communication Channels 223
Monitoring Communications 223
Improving Communication Effectiveness 224
So You Want a Job in Managing Organizational Culture, Teamwork, and Communication 225
Review Your Understanding 225
Revisit the World of Business 226
Learn the Terms 226
Check Your Progress 226
Get Involved 227
Build Your Skills: Teamwork 227
Solve the Dilemma: Quest Star in Transition 228
Build Your Business Plan: Organization, Teamwork, and Communication 228
See for Yourself Videocase: Zappos Creates Organizational Structure and Culture with Teams 229
Team Exercise 229

Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations 230
Enter the World of Business
Manufacturers Use Remote Monitoring Systems to Detect Problems 231
Introduction 232
The Nature of Operations Management 232
The Transformation Process 233
Operations Management in Service Businesses 233
Entrepreneurship in Action
Celebrity Auto Group Provides Unique Service—Matching Customized Cars to Celebrities 234
Planning and Designing Operations
Systems 237
Planning the Product 237
Designing the Operations Processes 238
Planning Capacity 239
Planning Facilities 240
Responding to Business Challenges Lenovo Gains a Competitive Advantage through Manufacturing 243
Sustainability and Manufacturing 243
Managing the Supply Chain 244
Purchasing 245
Managing Inventory 245 Outsourcing 247
Going Green
Automakers Look toward Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles 248
Routing and Scheduling 249
Managing Quality 250
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 252
Inspection 253
Sampling 253
Integrating Operations and Supply Chain Management 254
So You Want a Job in Operations Management 255
Review Your Understanding 255
Revisit the World of Business 256
Leam the Terms 256
Check Your Progress 256
GetInvolved 257
Build Your Skills: Reducing Cycle Time 257
Solve the Dilemma: Planning for Pizza 258
Build Your Business Plan: Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations 258
See for Yourself Vidoecase: Home Run Inn's Operational Excellence Propels It to Top Spot 259
Team Exercise 259

Part 4
Creating the Human Resource Advantage 261
Motivating the Workforce 262
Enter the World of Business
Mars Incorporated: Where Employees Love to Work 263
Introduction 264
Nature of Human Relations 264
Historical Perspectives on Employee Motivation 267
Classical Theory of Motivation 267 The Hawthorne Studies 267
Going Green
Wegmans Motivates Employees and Excels in Sustainability 268
Theories of Employee Motivation 269
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs 269
Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory 271
McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y 272
Entrepreneurship in Action
The Stein Mart Culture Is a Key Ingredient for Success 273
Theory Z 273 Equity Theory 274
Expectancy Theory 275
Strategies for Motivating Employees 276
Behavior Modification 276
Job Design 276
Responding to Business Challenges The Pros and Cons of Working from Home 279
Importance of Motivational Strategies 280
So You Think You May Be Good at Motivating a Workforce 281
Review Your Understanding 282
Revisit the World of Business 282
Learn the Terms 282
Check Your Progress 283
Get Involved 283
Build Your Skills: Motivating 283
Solve the Dilemma: Motivating to Win 284
Build Your Business Plan: Motivating the Workforce 284
See for Yourself Videocase: The Container Store's Secret to Success: Employee Satisfaction 284
Team Exercise 285

Managing Human Resources 286
Enter the World of Business
The Recruitment Process of Cirque du Soleil 287
Introduction 288
The Nature of Human Resources Management 288
Planning for Human Resources Needs 288
Recruiting and Selecting New Employees 289 Recruiting 289
Selection 291
Legal Issues in Recruiting and Selecting 294
Developing the Workforce 296
Training and Development 296
Assessing Performance 297
Turnover 299
Compensating the Workforce 300
Going Green Sustainability Job Opportunities 301
Financial Compensation 301
Benefits 303
Entrepreneurship in Action Urban Lending Solutions Hires Outside the Box 305
Managing Unionized Employees 305
Collective Bargaining 307
Resolving Disputes 308
The Importance of Workforce Diversity 309
The Characteristics of Diversity 309
Why Is Diversity Important? 310
The Benefits of Workforce Diversity 312
Affirmative Action 312
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility Employee Privacy or Employer Vulnerability: The Role of Social Media in the Financial Industry 313
Trends in Management of the Workforce 313
So You Want to Work in Human Resources 315 Review Your Understanding 315
Revisit the World of Business 316
Learn the Terms 316 Check Your Progress 317
Get Involved 317
Build Your Skills: Appreciating and Valuing Diversity 317
Solve the Dilemma: Morale among the Survivors 319
Build Your Business Plan: Managing Human Resources 319
See for Yourself Videocase: The Importance of Hollywood Labor Unions 320
Team Exercise 320
Appendix C
Personal Career Plan 321

Part 5
Marketing: Developing Relationships 327
Customer-Driven Marketing 328
Enter the World of Business
Banana Republic Uses Marketing to Bring Brand to Life 329
Introduction 330
Nature of Marketing 330
The Exchange Relationship 330
Functions of Marketing 332
Creating Value with Marketing 333
The Marketing Concept 333
Entrepreneurship in Action It'Sugar: Novelty Candy Emporium 334
Evolution of the Marketing Concept 335
Responding to Business Challenges Sheetz: The Starbucks of Convenience Stores 337 Developing a Marketing Strategy 338
Selecting a Target Market 338
Developing a Marketing Mix 341
Marketing Research and Information Systems 343
Online Marketing Research 344
Buying Behavior 345
Psychological Variables of Buying Behavior 346
Social Variables of Buying Behavior 346
Going Green
Banks Increase Investment in Sustainability 470
Nonbanking Institutions 471
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility
Unregulated Bitcoin Industry Has Regulators Worried 474
Electronic Banking 475
Future of Banking 476
Entrepreneurship in Action
Square Inc. Introduces the Square Stand 477
So You're Interested in Financial Systems or Banking 479
Review Your Understanding 479
Revisit the World of Business 480
Learn the Terms 480
Check Your Progress 480
Get Involved 481
Build Your Skills: Managing Money 481
Solve the Dilemma: Seeing the Financial Side of Business 481
Build Your Business Plan: Money and the Finacial System 482
See for Yourself Videocase: Controversy over Bank Lending Policies 482
Team Exercise 483

Financial Management and Securities Markets 484
Enter the World of Business
Standard & Poor's Defends Ratings 485
Introduction 486
Managing Current Assets and Liabilities 486
Managing Current Assets 486
Going Green
Finance Executives Recognize the Benefits of Method's Green Efficiencies 487
Managing Current Liabilities 491
Managing Fixed Assets 493
Capital Budgeting and Project Selection 494
Assessing Risk 494
Pricing Long-Term Money 494
Financing with Long-Term Liabilities 496 Bonds: Corporate IOUs 497
Types of Bonds 497
Financing with Owners' Equity 498
Entrepreneurship in Action
Venture Capital Firm Y Combinator Riding on Startup Success 500
Investment Banking 500
The Securities Markets 502
Stock Markets 503
The Over-the-Counter Market 503
Measuring Market Performance 504
Consider Ethics and Social Responsibility
JPMorgan Struggles to Repair Reputation 505
So You Want to Work in Financial Management
or Securities 508
Review Your Understanding 508 Revisit the World of Business 509 Learn the Terms 509
Check Your Progress 510
Get Involved 510
Build Your Skills: Choosing among Projects 510
Solve the Dilemma: Surviving Rapid Growth 511
Build Your Business Plan: Financial Management and Securities Market 511
See for Yourself Videocase: Morningstar Inc. Makes Investing Easier 512
Team Exercise 512
Appendix D
Personal Financial Planning 513
Notes 532
Glossary 567
Photo Credits 581
Indexes 582

Name Index 582
Company Index 587
Subject Index 591

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