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Kamis, 24 Maret 2016

Human Resource Management 9th Edition.Global Edition,Raymond A. Noe

  Judul Buku : Human Resource Management 9th Edition – Global Edition

Judul Buku:Human Resource Management 9th Edition – Global Edition
Pengarang:Raymond A. Noe – John R. Hollenbeck – Barry Gerhart – Patrick M. Wright
Penerbit:Mc Graw Hill Education
Cetakan:9th Edition
Tahun Terbit:2015
Jumlah Halaman:7987
Kertas Isi:HVS
Ukuran:20 x 25
Harga: Rp456,000

Human Resource Management 9th Edition – Global Edition
Pengarang : Raymond A. Noe – John R. Hollenbeck – Barry Gerhart – Patrick M. Wright
Penerbit : Mc Graw Hill Education


1 Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage 2
Enter the World of Business: ASML: HR Boosts Technical Innovation 3
Introduction 4
What Responsibilities and Roles Do HR Departments Perform? 6
Strategic Role of the HRM Function 8
Demonstrating the Strategic Value of HR: HR Analytics and Evidence-Based HR 11
The HRM Profession: Positions and Jobs 11
Education and Experience 12
Competencies and Behaviors 13
Competitive Challenges Influencing Human Resource Management 15
The Sustainability Challenge 16
Competing through Sustainability Volunteerism and Going Green Are Reaping Dividends for Employees, Communities, and the Environment 32
Integrity in Action Leading a Turnaround Through People Practices 46
The Global Challenge 46
Competing through Globalization
Bon or No Bon: Is It Better to Criticize or Adapt to a Country Culture? 49
Tne Technology Challenge 49
Competing through Technology Connectiveness Enhances HR Practices 51
Meeting Competitive Challenges through HRM Practices 56
Organization of This Book 59
A Look Back 60
Summary 60
Key Terms 61
Discussion Questions 61
Self-Assessment Exercise 62
Exercising Strategy 62
Managing People: Yahoo says "Nope" to Working at Home 64
HR in Small Business 65
Notes 65

The Human Resource Environment
2 Strategic Human Resource Management 70
Enter the World of Business: IKEA Rises 71
Introduction 72
What Is a Business Model? 72
Gm's Attempt to Survive 73
What Is Strategic Management? 74
Competing through Globalization GM in China 75
Components of the Strategic Management Process 76
Linkage Between HRM and the Strategic Management Process 76
Role of FIRM in Strategy Formulation 78
Competing through Technology Sustainability at the Heart of Technological Innovation 79
Strategy Formulation 81
Integrity in Action Samsung's Equal Opportunity Employment 83
Strategy Implementation 85
HRM Practices 86
Strategic Types 91
HRM Needs in Strategic Types 92
Directional Strategies 93
Competing through Sustainability Sustainable Goal, Unsustainable Business Model 96
Strategy Evaluation and Control 97
The Role of Human Resources in Providing Strategic Competitive Advantage 98
Emergent Strategies 98
Enhancing Firm Competitiveness 99
A Look Back 100
Summary 100
Key Terms 100
Discussion Questions 101
Self-Assessment Exercise 101
Exercising Strategy 101
Managing People: Is Dell Too Big for Michael Dell? 102
HR in Small Business 103
Notes 104

3 The Legal Environment: Equal Employment Opportunity and Safety 108
Enter the World of Business: Forever 21 Legal Problems 109
Introduction 110
The Legal System in the United States 110
Legislative Branch 110
Executive Branch 111
Judicial Branch 112
Equal Employment Opportunity 112
Constitutional Amendments 112
Competing through Globalization i-Working Conditions 113
Congressional Legislation 115
Executive Orders 120
Enforcement of Equal Employment Opportunity 120
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) 121
Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) 122
Types of Discrimination 123
Disparate Treatment 124
Disparate Impact 127
Pattern and Practice 130
Reasonable Accommodation 131 EVIDENCE-BASED HR 134
Retaliation for Participation and Opposition 135
Integrity in Action
Inappropriate Relationship Leads to Ouster of Best Buy's CEO and Chairman 136
Current Issues Regarding Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity 136
Sexual Harassment 136
Affirmative Action and Reverse Discrimination 139
Outcomes of the Americans with Disabilities Act 140
Employee Safety 141
Competing through Sustainability
Protecting Workers in the Apparel Industry 143
The Occupational Safety and Health Act (Osha) 143
Safety Awareness Programs 146
Competing through Technology Undercovers Work 148
A Look Back 149
Summary 150
Key Terms 150
Discussion Questions 150 Self-Assessment Exercise 151 Exercising Strategy 151
Managing People: Segregation in Schools—Have Lessons been Learnt? 152
HR in Small Business 155 Notes 155
4 The Analysis and Design of Work 158
Enter the World of Business: Changes in Organizational Structure and Workflow Promote GM Revival 159
Introduction 160
Work-Flow Analysis and Organization Structure 161
Work-Flow Analysis 161
Competing through Technology Robots Attack Okun's Law 165
Organization Structure 167
Competing through Globalization
Is it Time to Slow Down Fast Fashion? 170
Job Analysis 176
The Importance of Job Analysis 176
The Importance of Job Analysis to Line Managers 177
Job Analysis Information 177
Integrity in Action
Running Right While Running Coal 178
Job Analysis Methods 180
Dynamic Elements of Job Analysis 182
Job Design 183
Mechanistic Approach 184 Motivational Approach 185 Biological Approach 187
Competing through Sustainability
PTSD: A Major Threat to First Responders 188
Perceptual—Motor Approach 188
Trade-Offs Among Different Approaches to Job Design 190
A Look Back 191
Summary 192
Key Terms 192
Discussion Questions 192 Self-Assessment Exercise 193 Exercising Strategy 193
Managing People: Stretching the Job Description 194
HR in Small Business 194
Notes 195

Acquisition and Preparation of Human Resources
5 Human Resource Planning and Recruitment 198
Enter the World of Business: Global Debate: Is This the End of Offshoring? 199
Introduction 200
The Human Resource Planning Process 201
Forecasting 201
Goal Setting and Strategic Planning 205
Competing through Globalization Struggling to Find a Custom Fit in an Italian Town 216
Program Implementation and Evaluation 218
The Special Case of Affirmative Action Planning 218
The Human Resource Recruitment Process 219
Personnel Policies 220
Competing through Sustainability The Myth Behind the Polish Plumber 223
Recruitment Sources 225
Integrity in Action Anti-Poaching Agreements Spark Anti-Trust Lawsuits 227
Competing through Technology Unlocking the Secrets of Applicant Tracking Systems 229
Recruiters 233
A Look Back 235
Summary 236
Key Terms 236
Discussion Questions 236
Self-Assessment Exercise 236
Exercising Strategy 237
Managing People: Short-Work Programs Buffer Workers and Firms 238
HR in Small Business 239
Notes 240

6 Selection and Placement 244
Enter the World of Business: Non-Native Workers as a Recipe for Competitive Advantage 245
Introduction 246
Selection Method Standards 246
Reliability 246
Validity 251
Competing through Technology
Our Hiring Manager Is an Algorithm 254
Generalizability 255
Utility 256
Legality 258
Competing through Globalization "Pink Quotas" in Europe 262
Types of Selection Methods 263
Interviews 263
References, Biographical Data, and Application Blanks 266
Physical Ability Tests 268
Cognitive Ability Tests 269
Personality Inventories 270
Competing through Sustainability When Do the Unemployed Become Unemployable? 272
Work Samples 274
Honesty Tests and Drug Tests 276
Integrity in Action Hire and Fire: A Political Game 277
A Look Back 278
Summary 278
Key Terms 278
Discussion Questions 280
Self-Assessment Exercise 280
Exercising Strategy 280
Managing People: Secularism Is Considered Sacred in France 281
HR in Small Business 282 Notes 283

7 Training 286
Enter the World of Business: Learning Opportunities for Employees Are No Accident at Farmers Insurance Group of Companies 287
Introduction 288
Training: Its Role in Continuous Learning and Competitive Advantage 289
Designing Effective Formal Training Activities 291
Needs Assessment 293
Organizational Analysis 295
Person Analysis 296
Integrity in Action Connecting Learning to Business Leaders 297
Task Analysis 298
Ensuring Employees' Readiness For Training 299
Creating A Learning Environment 300
Competing through Sustainability Fifteen: Using Available and not Recognized Talent to Create a Business 302
Ensuring Transfer of Training 303
Selecting Training Methods 307
Competing through Globalization Nissan's Virtual Classroom 310
On-The-Job Training (OJT) 311
Competing through Technology Using Social Media and Apps for Learning 317
Advice for Choosing a Training Method 321
Evaluating Training Programs 322
Special Training Issues 325
Cross-Cultural Preparation 326
Managing Workforce Diversity and Inclusion 329
Onboarding and Socialization 332
A Look Back 334
Summary 334
Key Terms 335
Discussion Questions 335
Self-Assessment Exercise 336
Exercising Strategy 336
Managing People: McDonald's: Expansion by Learning 337
HR in Small Business 338
Notes 339

Assessment and Development of HRM
8 Performance Management 344
Enter the World of Business: Performance Management Is About Work and How Work Gets Done 345
Introduction 346
The Practice of Performance Management 348
The Process of Performance Management 348
Purposes of Performance Management 350
Strategic Purpose 350
Integrity in Action Listening and Recognizing a Good Job: Key Performance Management Practices Modeled by Company Leaders 351
Administrative Purpose 351
Developmental Purpose 352
Performance Measures Criteria 352
Strategic Congruence 353
Competing through Globalization A Mix of Metrics is Needed to Support Local and Company Performance 354
Validity 355
Reliability 355
Acceptability 356
Specificity 356
Approaches to Measuring Performance 357
The Comparative Approach 359
The Attribute Approach 362
The Behavioral Approach 365
The Results Approach 369
The Quality Approach 373
Choosing a Source for Performance Information 377
Managers 377
Competing through Sustainability The Health Foundation Evaluates Performance from Different Perspectives to Insure It Meets Its Mission and Goals 378
Peers 379
Subordinates 380
Self 381
Customers 381
Use of Technology in Performance Management 383
Competing through Technology Social Media Tools Help Make Performance Management a Daily Event 384
Reducing Rater Errors, Politics, and Increasing Reliability and Validity of Ratings 386
Performance Feedback 388
The Manager's Role in an Effective Performance Feedback Process 388
What Managers Can Do to Diagnose Performance Problems and Manage Employees' Performance 391
Diagnosing the Causes of Poor Performance 391
Actions for Managing Employees' Performance 393
Developing and Implementing a System That Follows Legal Guidelines 394
A Look Back 396
Summary 396
Key Terms 396
Discussion Questions 396
Self-Assessment Exercise 397
Exercising Strategy 397
Managing People: Performance Management Helps Turn Around a Healthcare Organization 398
HR in Small Business 399
Notes 400

9 Employee Development 404
Enter the World of Business: Learning and Development at Philips 405
Introduction 406
The Relationship among Development, Training, and Careers 406
Development and Training 406
Development and Careers 407
Development Planning Systems 409
Approaches to Employee Development 413
Competing through Technology Career Management and Leadership Development Is Served 24/7 at Intercontinental Hotel Group 414
Formal Education 415
Assessment 418
Job Experiences 424
Interpersonal Relationships 430
Special Issues in Employee Development 434
Melting the Glass Ceiling 434
Competing through Sustainabilty Patient Satisfaction Depends on Management Development 435
Integrity in Action
Mentoring Gone Awry Ends Rather than Helps Careers 437
Succession Planning 438
A Look Back 442
Summary 442
Key Terms 442
Discussion Questions 443
Self-Assessment Exercise 443
Exercising Strategy: 443
Managing People: IKEA: Leadership Leads to Product Innovation and Globalization 444
HR in Small Business 445
Notes 446

10 Employee Separation and Retention 450
Enter the World of Business: "Churning" 451 Introduction 452
Managing Involuntary Turnover 453
Principles of Justice 456
Progressive Discipline and Alternative Dispute Resolution 458
Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs 459
Outplacement Counseling 462
Managing Voluntary Turnover 462
Process of Job Withdrawal 464
Integrity in Action Whistleblower or Traitor: The Role of HR in Making the Call 466
Job Satisfaction And Job Withdrawal 468
Sources of Job Dissatisfaction 469
Competing through Globalization Riot Puts Spotlight on Working Conditions 473
Competing through Sustainability Flextime: Has Its Time Come and Gone? 475
Competing through Technology Didn't Your Boss Used to Be a Vacuum Cleaner? 477
Measuring and Monitoring Job Satisfaction 478
Survey-Feedback Interventions 479
A Look Back 483
Summary 484
Key Terms 484
Discussion Questions 484
Self-Assessment Exercise 484
Exercising Strategy 485
Managing People: Heading for the Exit: Flight Attendant Becomes Hero 486
HR in Small Business 487
Notes 488

Compensation of Human Resources
11 Pay Structure Decisions 492
Enter the World of Business: Deciding Where to Manufacture: The Role of Labor Costs 493
Introduction 494
Competing through Sustainability Working at Apple: Is Serving a 'Higher Purpose' Enough? 495
Equity Theory and Fairness 496
Developing Pay Levels 498
Market Pressures 498
Competing through Globalization How Much to Produce in China: Labor Costs, Productivity, and Managing Risks 500
Employees as a Resource 501
Deciding What to Pay 501
Market Pay Surveys 502
Competing through Technology When Does Paying More Pay Off: Using Big Data 503
Developing a Job Structure 504
Developing a Pay Structure 505
Conflicts Between Market Pay Surveys and Job Evaluation 509
Monitoring Compensation Costs 509
Globalization, Geographic Region, and Pay Structures 510
The Importance of Process: Participation and Communication 513
Participation 513
Communication 513
Current Challenges 514
Problems with Job-Based Pay Structures 514
Responses to Problems with Job-Based Pay Structures 515
Can the U.S. Labor Force Compete? 517
Executive Pay 520
Government Regulation of Employee Compensation 522
Equal Employment Opportunity 522
Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Prevailing Wage Laws 525
Integrity in Action When It Comes to Working Overtime, What Is Good for Workers? 526
A Look Back 527
Summary 527
Key Terms 528
Discussion Questions 528
Self-Assessment Exercise 528
Exercising Strategy 529
Managing People: Porsche: Where High Performance Meets Low Cost Labor 529
HR in Small Business 530
Notes 531

12 Recognizing Employee Contributions with Pay 534
Enter the World of Business: High Performance is Important (and So is How You Get There) 535
Introduction 536
How Does Pay Influence Individual Employees? 537
Reinforcement Theory 537
Expectancy Theory 537
Agency Theory 538
How Does Pay Influence Labor Force Composition? 539
Pay for Performance Programs 540
Incentive Intensity: Promise and Peril 540
Merit Pay 541
Competing through Technology Paying for'Hot Skills': The Case of Information Technology 544
Individual Incentives 548
Profit Sharing and Ownership 549
Competing through Sustainability Increasing Labor Cost Flexibility Using Profit Sharing 550
Gainsharing, Group Incentives, and Team Awards 555
Balanced Scorecard 557 Managerial and Executive Pay 557
Process and Context Issues 560
Integrity in Action Making Sure Executives Get Paid Only for Real Performance: The Role of Clawbacks 561
Employee Participation in Decision Making 561
Competing through Globalization Capping Executive Bonuses in Europe: Is it a Good Idea? 562
Communication 564
Pay and Process: Intertwined Effects 564
Organization Strategy and Compensation Strategy: A Question of Fit 565
A Look Back 566
Summary 566
Key Terms 567
Discussion Questions 567
Self-Assessment Exercise 567
Exercising Strategy 568
Managing People: CEO of RBS 569 HR in Small Business 570
Notes 571

13 Employee Benefits 576
Enter the World of Business: Controlling Health Care Costs: Employers Turn to 'Carrots and Sticks' 577
Introduction 578
Reasons for Benefits Growth 578
Benefits Programs 581
Social Insurance (Legally Required) 582
Private Group Insurance 585
Competing through Technology
Controlling Health Care Costs by Fighting Painkiller Abuse: Prescribing a Dose of High-Tech Algorithms 586
Retirement 587
Pay For Time Not Worked 592
Family-Friendly Policies 593
Managing Benefits: Employer Objectives and Strategies 595
Surveys and Benchmarking 595
Cost Control 596
Competing through Sustainability Google Keeps Employees' Stomachs Happy, But Fit Too, Using Data Analytics 600
Competing through Globalization Helping Employees Cope with 'Airpocalypse'n in China 601
Nature of the Workforce 604
Communicating with Employees 604
General Regulatory Issues 608
Affordable Care Act 608
Nondiscrimination Rules and Qualified Plans 608
Integrity in Action The Affordable Care Act: How Will Employers Respond? 610
Sex, Age, and Disability 610
Monitoring Future Benefits Obligations 611
A Look Back 612
Summary 612
Key Terms 613
Discussion Questions 613
Self-Assessment Exercise 613
Exercising Strategy 614
Managing People: "Shape Up or Pay Up"—Companies Who Penalise Employees Who Smoke for Their Habit 615
HR in Small Business 616
Notes 617

Special Topics in Human Resource Management
14 Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations 620
Enter the World of Business: Unions and Evolving Worker Rights in Low-Wage Countries 621
Introduction 622
The Labor Relations Framework 622
Goals and Strategies 624
Society 624
Management 625
Labor Unions 626
Integrity in Action Who Pays for Cheap Clothing? 627
Union Structure, Administration, and Membership 630
National and International Unions 630
Local Unions 631
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (Afl-Cio) 631
Union Security 633
Union Membership and Bargaining Power 633
Legal Framework 637
Unfair Labor Practices—Employers 639
Unfair Labor Practices—Labor Unions 639
Enforcement 640
Union and Management Interactions: Organizing 641
Why Do Employees Join Unions? 641
The Process and Legal Framework of Organizing 641
Union and Management Interactions: Contract Negotiation 646
The Negotiation Process 647
Management's Preparation for Negotiations 648
Negotiation Stages and Tactics 649
Bargaining Power, Impasses, and Impasse Resolution 649
Competing through Technology Longshoremen and Automation: Competing Company and Worker Interests 650
Management's Willingness to Take a Strike 650
Impasse Resolution Procedures: Alternatives to Strikes 652
Union and Management Interactions: Contract Administration 653
Grievance Procedure 653
New Labor–Management Strategies 655
Competing through Globalization Renault Plays France against Spain in Hopes of Improving Production Costs and Flexibility 656
Labor Relations Outcomes 658
Strikes 659
Wages and Benefits 659
Productivity 660
Profits and Stock Performance 661
The International Context 662
Competing through Sustainability Saving Multi-Employer Pensions: Employees Pay the Price 663
The Public Sector 664
Nonunion Representation Systems 665
A Look Back 666
Summary 667
Key Terms 667
Discussion Questions 667
Self-Assessment Exercise 667
Exercising Strategy 668
Managing People: Twinkies, HoHos, and Ding Dongs: No Treat for Labor Unions 669
HR in Small Business 670
Notes 671

15 Managing Human Resources Globally 676
Enter the World of Business: China Goes Shopping in Germany 677
Introduction 678
Current Global Changes 679
European Union 680
North American Free Trade Agreement 680
The Growth of Asia 680
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 681
Factors Affecting HRM in Global Markets 681
Culture 681
Integrity in Action The Rise and Fall of a Banker 685
Education—Human Capital 686
Competing through Technology Brazil Becomes the Social Media Capital 687
Competing through Globalization Samsung and the Growing Trend of "Insourcing" 688
Political—Legal System 688
Economic System 689
Managing Employees in a Global Context 691
Types of International Employees 691
Levels of Global Participation 691
Competing through Sustainability GreenFox: A New Life for Lighting Fixtures 693
Managing Expatriates In Global Markets 696
A Look Back 707
Summary 707
Key Terms 707
Discussion Questions 707
Self-Assessment Exercise 708
Exercising Strategy 708
Managing People: The Toyota Way to No. 1 709
HR in Small Business 711
Notes 712

16 Strategically Managing the HRM Function 714
Enter the World of Business: Googling HR 715
Introduction 716
Activities of HRM 716
Strategic Management of the HRM Function 717
Competing through Globalization When Is a Bribe a Bribe? 718
Building an HR Strategy 720
The Basic Process 720
Involving Line Executives 722
Characterizing HR Strategies 722
Measuring HRM Effectiveness 723
Approaches for Evaluating Effectiveness 724
Improving HRM Effectiveness 729
Restructuring to Improve HRM Effectiveness 730
Outsourcing to Improve HRM Effectiveness 732
Improving HRM Effectiveness through Process Redesign 733
Improving HRM Effectiveness through Using New Technologies—HRM Information Systems 736
Competing through Technology TD Bank Creates Internal Connections 737
Software Applications for HRM 737
Improving HRM Effectiveness through New Technologies—E-HRM 737
Competing through Sustainability Electrolux Leads the Sustainable Way 742
The Future for HR Professionals 743
The Role of the Chief Human Resource Officer 744
Integrity in Action MF Global's Illegal Transfer 747
A Look Back 748
Summary 748
Key Terms 748
Discussion Questions 749
Self-Assessment Exercise 749
Exercising Strategy 750
Managing People: Saving Starbucks' Soul 751
HR in Small Business 753
Notes 754
Glossary 755
Photo Credits 765
Name and Company Index 766
Subject Index 778


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